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Most pet owners are able to afford yearly vaccinations and general care of their pets. They can afford to feed them and provide them with a loving home. But, when faced with an emergency surgery that will cost them thousands of dollars, they simply cannot afford that level of care. Too often veterinarians are put into that uncomfortable position of having an owner who truly loves their pet but cannot afford a life saving procedure. The choices that they have are limited to finding someone to lend them the money or euthanizing their pet. No veterinarian wants to euthanize a pet due to economic reasons and often wish that there was an alternative.

Many veterinarians will go out of their way to try and perform the surgery at a lower cost in-house. Since Covid hit, many veterinarians are finding that they simply do not have the time to perform unscheduled emergency surgeries and are forced to refer to a specialty hospital. This is even more expensive and out of the financial reach of many pet owners. That is where SurgiPet can benefit you and your clients. Because our services are limited, our costs are limited allowing us to perform non-routine surgeries at a lower cost. Let us perform the surgery then send the patient back to your hospital for continued care. The doctor / client relationship is preserved, and the pet gets to continue enriching the lives of its family.



How often do you see a pet for the same dental issues over and over again, but the client cannot afford to have a major dental performed? The pet’s health will continue to decline until they become too great a risk for anesthesia. If they could have just addressed the problems when first found, the pet’s life could have been greatly improved or even extended. Pet owners often do not see or understand the value of pet dentistry. Our goal at SurgiPet is to get those patients with rotten teeth back on track for a healthy life. Once pet owners see the difference a dental can make in their pet’s health, they are more likely to follow their veterinarian’s future advice on repeating dentals as needed. Thus, preventing them from dental disease associated health problems.

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