Your Donation Will Make a Difference in the Life of a Pet

Most pet owners are able to provide their pets with food, shelter, love, and basic veterinary care. Most pet owners are not able to pay for an unexpected surgery that costs thousands of dollars. At SurgiPet, we try to do these unexpected surgeries at a much lower rate than a specialty surgeon. Even with our low prices, some owners still struggle to raise enough money to save their pet’s life. Your donation could make a huge difference in a pet’s quality of life!

If you would like to donate, send it via paypal to


Corporate Sponsorship

If you are a local business looking to support a charity, SurgiPet needs your help! There are so many surgeries that we would love to perform but the equipment costs are very high. If your business would like to sponsor purchasing of surgical tools or equipment, please contact Stephanie Patterson at 470-780-2121. We would proudly display your company name on our website as a supporter of our cause.

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